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Vertex VMS800 Vertical Measuring System 800 Height Gauge

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The 800 model of the Vertical Measuring System (VMS800) is the ideal digital height gauge for day to day measurement solutions. With a range of 800mm and a complete air bearing system, the VMS800 is the most accurate gauge of its type on the market. This innovation in air bearing technology means that the VMS800 does not require error-mapping with air bearings to the base, carriage and counter balance, giving this height gauge the highest accuracy of its type with repeatability of 0.75 microns.


Dual probe location holders on the VMS800 allow you to completely utilise the full measuring range and the large range of additional probes means that usually hard to reach dimensions are easy to access, therefore increasing the functionality of the gauge.


The interface of the VMS800 makes usually challenging applications simple. This includes 2D features such as Pitch Circle Diameters (PCDs) and layout. Alongside the motorised carriage, there is also a manual carriage aligner that allows for smooth manual movement of the carriage when dealing with awkward or fragile components.

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Display TypeDigital
Measuring Force0.2N
Measuring UnitsMillimetre / Inch
Max permissible errors0.75+(L/250) microns
Frontal squareness deviation4µm

The Vertical Measuring System model 800 (VMS800) is the only digital height gauge of its type, fully manufactured in the heart of the UK. The complete patented air bearing system has a maximum error over a range of only 3.5 microns. Including both 1D and 2D measurement functionalities, the VMS800 is a must-have for any workshop, inspection or laboratory environment.


The VMS Digital Height Gauge has a completely unique patented system in the form of air bearings. Other height gauges only employ air bearings to the base, however the VMS800 has air bearings to not only the base, but the carriage and counter balance as well. Applying air bearings to the carriage means that the standard roller bearings can not distort measurements taken with the gauge and this means that the VMS800 does not require error-mapping like conventional height gauges.


One dimensional measurement options such as internal diameters, TDC (top dead centres) and external gaps are simplified and comparison is made easy with the ability to print results directly from the ECU with the built-in printer. Basic functions are made easy to every user.


Two dimensional capabilities on the VMS800 include Pitch Circle Diameters and polar coordinates. The principle of operation is that the features to be measured are numbered in sequential order and each feature is measured and stored within the ECU. This allows for datums to be moved and diameters alongside rectangular and polar coordinates to be produced.


A variety of accessories are available to ensure every measurement is as accurate as possible and with a probe pressure of only 20g, the contact will not distort a component. The scribing tool allows for layout work on castings and sheet metal alongside the parallel probe used for internal and external diameters on sheet metal. A depth gauge for measuring drops and stepped faces with a 240mm carbon fibre extension is readily available. Basic probes such as pin, taper and sphere probes (available with either ruby or stainless steel probe ends) can be stored in a probe carousel for neat and convenient access. Specialist custom probes are also available upon request alongside a design and test service to provide clients with the complete measurement solution.


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