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Plastiform Replication Compounds

Comparison Chart



Mitutoyo Main Catalogue

SJ-210 / SJ-310 Brochure

SJ-410 Brochure

QM-HEIGHT Brochure

LH-600 Brochure


 Trimos Height Gauges


TESA Technology

Tesa MICRO-HITE Brochure

Tesa TESA-HITE Brochure

Tesa RUGOSURF 20 Brochure

Tesa Twin-T10 Brochure

Tesa Twin-T20 Brochure

Tesa P-Line Brochure


Bowers Group

Bowers DigiMic Brochure






Accretech HandySurf

Accretech Surfcom Touch 50

Accretech Accessories


H Roberts & Sons

H Roberts Introduction