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Plastiform F30Max - Qty 2 - Internal Complex

F30Max - Pack of 2
Code: CA-F30M-2
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Plastiform E.R.A.D. – CA-002 - Thanks to its high initial Fluidity the E.R.A.D. can easily be poured inside any kind of part, be it very small (internal diameter up to 1 mm) or medium in size. The final impression is very Flexible (30 Shore A hardness), which allows it to be highly stretched and deformed during its removal.

The E.R.A.D. accepts up to 40% Removal Constraint, and is recommended for taking impressions of very complex forms: thread, groove, internal angle. The impression has a shape-retention memory, and returns to its original form after being removed. All details (dimensions, forms, surface finish) are reproduced to a better than 1µm.

E.R.A.D. can also be used for:

Dimensional Control of Internal Complex Forms

Because the impression is soft and very flexible, it is measured without contact, using a visual measuring instrument (profile projector, microscope, and optical measuring instrument).

E.R.A.D. is available in the following packs:

Cartridges 50 ml

- Pack of 8 Cartridges (CA-002)

- Pack of 4 Cartridges (CA-002-A)

- Pack of 2 Cartridges (CA-002-2)

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Type50ml Cartridge
Accuracy1 Micron
Curing Time25 Mins
Final ConsistencyFlexible
Final Hardness Shore A30
Initial ConsistencyFluid
Suitable for Contact MeasuringNo
Suitable for use with Double Blade CutterNo

Plastiform E.R.A.D. – CA-002


Initial Consistency: Fluid Final


Consistency: Very Flexible


Hardness: 30 Shore A


Curing Time: 8 minutes


Removal Constraint: 40 %


Elongation to Failure: 135 %


Accuracy of the impression: µm


Not suitable to be cut with Twin Blade Cutter

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