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178-532-01E SJ-500 Surface Roughness Tester with Dedicated Control / Display Unit, Metric Only, Measuring Range 50mm, Resolution 0.05μm, Stylus Tip Angle 60°, Radius 2μm

SKU:Code: 178-532-01E

This item is no longer available or has been discontinued.

This is a measuring instrument that allows you to easily and accurately measure surface roughness.
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  • type Standard
  • display type 19 cm [7.5”] colour TFT LCD with touch-screen
  • resolution 800µm / 0.01µm. 80 µm / 0.001µm. 8 µm / 0.0001µm
  • style Skidless/ Skid (optional)

The Surftest SJ-500 offers you the following benefits: The skidless detector allows you to measure the primary profile (P), roughness profile (R), waviness profile (W) and more. User friendly control unit for high precision surface roughness measurement. The large 19 cm [7.5”] colour TFT LCD with touch-screen functionality gives you high visibility and ease of use. The display menu is easy to read and simple to operate. It performs roughness analyses conform to various international standards (EN ISO, VDA, ANSI, JIS) and customized settings. The built-in joystick on the control unit enables quick and easy positioning. The manual adjustment knob allows you to finely position a small stylus to measure the inside surface of small holes. The detector unit allows a 90° displacement of the stylus, which is ideal for crankshaft and narrow space measurement. You can use the instrument stand-alone or mounted on a stand.

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