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Moore & Wright

Moore & Wright 230 Vee Blocks Matched Pair, Capacity 40mm / 1.1/2"

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Moore & Wright Traditional 'V' Blocks & Clamps are designed for checking precision machine parts, general workshop use, and holding stock when drilling and milling. Manufactured from close grained cast iron, Supplied in matched and numbered pairs, One steel clamp and screw supplied per pair
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  • type Vee Block
  • accuracy 0.05mm / 0.0020"
  • length 50mm / 2"
  • measuring units Metric / Imperial
  • remarks Standard BS3731 Grade B
  • width 40mm / 1.1/2"
  • height 40mm / 1.1/2"
  • capacity 40mm / 1.1/2"

Vee blocks, often spelled as "V-blocks," are precision tools used in various machining, inspection, and assembly applications, primarily in metalworking and engineering fields. They are designed to securely hold and support cylindrical or round workpieces in a V-shaped groove, ensuring that the workpiece is held firmly and centered during tasks like drilling, milling, grinding, or inspection. Vee blocks are an essential tool for achieving accuracy and precision in these processes.

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